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Sellers of subjected vessels recently concluded the enbloc sales of MV Hong Wei (IMO 8516251) Hong Hao (IMO 9073232) and Hong Peng (IMO 9073244) to principals of GMS in July, 2014. During the period between fixing and delivery the Indian sub-continent scrap market fell dramatically by almost USD 100/ldt yet still GMS performed flawlessly, professionally and without any delay or renegotiation.

Sellers of subjected vessels would therefore recommend GMS as the most safe, reliable and trustworthy counterparty for the sale and purchase of vessels for recycling and would urge any other owners to work with them above any others for a smooth and successful transaction.

- Hong Yuan Marine Company Limited

We Eurotankers Inc. being the managers / sellers of MT Nostos, herewith attest that Messrs GMS U.S.A are one of the most trust-worthy, and eager companies in their field, specializing in serious and guaranteed beaching in Bangladesh and it was a pleasure to conclude with them the smooth delivery / beaching of our above vessel.

Furthermore and most important, under the personal conduct of Mr. Anil Sharma, the quality of the services rendered to us were of the most professional standards.

- Eurotankers Inc.

We can confirm that in April 2010, we sold our LPGC ‘Maori Venture’ built 1985 for demolition to nominees of Global Marketing Systems, Inc. with delivery in Singapore. The sale went ahead smoothly and if the opportunity arises in the future we would certainly consider GMS again as a potential buyer.

- Petredec Group


We hereby recommended GMS or nominees as trustworthy and reliable partners as buyers of container vessels.

We have done several deals with GMS and can testify that communication, guidance and smooth operations are always the case when dealing with GMS.

Additionally, payments were always made promptly and as agreed.

Even in difficult conditions, such as in cases of minor wrong descriptions of equipment or higher bunker consumption and therefore lower bunker quantity at arrival due to search and rescue operations, GMS stood at what we have agreed upon in a reliable and professional manner.

- Reederei NSB