Environment, Social & Governance

We believe GMS provides environmental solutions by facilitating recycling end-of-life ships in compliance with international and national conventions. It is imperative to recycle aging vessels because old, abandoned vessels at sea are gravely harmful to the marine environment.

We invest in resources to make ship recycling sustainable by
incorporating several measures.


Free personal safety and environmental awareness training to the yard workers in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan


Free technical consultation to recycling facilities to upgrade their yards for HKC compliance for capacity building.


Educating all stakeholders about sustainable ship recycling by participating in various conferences, writing blogs, thought leadership articles, and publishing books


Collaborating with academic institutions for research projects and internships


Associating with global Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to protect the Marine Environment.

We ensure that associates, contractors, and our employees working for us are aware of their Environmental, Social, and Governance responsibilities. Our worldwide offices comply with local legislation and regulations in executing all business functions. We only associate with the contractors who believe and contribute to sustainable development.