NGO-owned MV Rongdhonu ex-Rainbow Warrior II Beached in Chittagong for Recycling

14 Nov 2018
Author: GMS Media Team

Dubai, 14th November 2018

NGO-owned MV Rongdhonu ex-Rainbow Warrior II Beached in Chittagong for Recycling

GMS congratulates Luxembourg-based NGO Friendship for supporting an HKC-compliant yard in Bangladesh and recognizing its expertise in responsible ship recycling

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 – Greenpeace has finally recognized that safe and responsible recycling using the beaching method can be conducted in the Indian subcontinent and that Bangladesh specifically can be a green recycling destination.

Greenpeace’s previously owned vessel, MV Rongdhonu ex-Rainbow Warrior II, was recently beached for recycling at PHP Family yard in Chittagong. MV Rongdhonu ex-Rainbow Warrior II is a 1957 United Kingdom-built hospital ship that Greenpeace International acquired in 1989, according to French NGO Robin des Bois. Greenpeace “fitted her with three masts, a new engine and converted her to a sail/diesel dual-powered vessel,” stated the Robin des Bois report, before donating her to the Bangladesh branch of the EU-based NGO Friendship in 2011.

For many years, the media and NGOs, especially the NGO Shipbreaking Platform, have consistently criticized the Indian subcontinent for its allegedly poor ship recycling facilities. Their position is that responsible recycling cannot be done at a facility in the Indian subcontinent that conducts the beaching method of recycling. Accordingly, they have tried to persuade the European Commission to prohibit the recycling of EU-flagged vessels in the Indian subcontinent. In contrast, GMS’ position has been that there are good and bad yards all over the world and responsible recycling can in fact be conducted at yards that practice the beaching method, including those in the Indian subcontinent.

Therefore, after years of this debate, GMS is pleased to see ex-Rainbow Warrior II —one of the most globally recognized vessels previously owned by the world’s leading campaigner against beaching and recycling in the Indian subcontinent—has finally accepted the fact that responsible recycling in the Subcontinent is the most prudent option for shipowners worldwide.

“After a lifetime serving humanity, our second Rainbow Warrior deserves a clean and handsome farewell. We take this opportunity to salute a long-serving friend,” said Greenpeace International representative Daniel Rizzotti in an article Friendship NGO Luxembourg posted on

GMS congratulates both Greenpeace and Friendship for actively participating in the green transformation of the ship recycling industry in Bangladesh.

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