GMS condemns false and misleading allegations by the NGO Shipbreaking Platform

14 Feb 2018
Author: GMS Media Team

In light of the latest press release circulated by the NGO Shipbreaking Platform, dated 13 February 2018, GMS categorically denies being the buyer of, or associated in ANY WAY with the purchase of the 4 Seatrade vessels mentioned in the NGO's latest press release.
GMS condemns the circulation of such false and inaccurate information. This reckless and reprehensible action by the NGO Shipbreaking Platform is intended to advance its own agenda and to manipulate public opinion by deliberately circulating Fake News disguised as fact. Consequently, we have been compelled to issue this press statement to deny the validity and accuracy of the allegations and reserve our right to take appropriate action in order to protect our interests. It is regrettable that the NGO Shipbreaking Platform continues to abuse the power of their "megaphone" by wildly spreading misinformation and ignoring the need to present fair and accurate information to the public.
GMS is proud to have developed a Responsible Ship Recycling Program (RSRP) through which, it has supervised the recycling of more than 30 vessels a year and has also motivated the interest of recycling yards in both India and Bangladesh to upgrade their standards of recycling in line with the Hong Kong International Convention.
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