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Technical Superintendent

Job ID:34 | Exp 2 years on tankers or Bulk | Dubai

Posted on 24 May 2021

Job Description

  • To assess each new project along with Managers and Ops dept. and highlight Technical issues, which need advance planning.
  • To identify spares, technical services, repair necessary and work with Purchase dept. for most economical solution within a limited time.
  • Provide Technical guidance to managers and keep Ops dept. appraised of progress of repair/reactivation schedule.
  • Update actual cost of project along with Managers and Ops. dept. and prepare project report with final cost for Management.
  • Prepare repair specifications of major repairs, Dry docking, lay up reactivation.
  • Attend major repairs, Dry Docking as necessary


Key Responsibilities

The candidate will be responsible to evaluate, manage and resolve all the technical issues of vessel, visit vessels as and when needed and provide reports to the management.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Sailed as C/E for 2 years on tankers or Bulk carriers, Container ships, with National COC. Prefer with 2 years shore experience as Tech. Supdt.
  • Attended DD, major repairs as C/E, Supdt.,
  • Good analytical skills and able to cope up in fast paced environment.
  • Positive attitude & good team player, keen to learn new concepts. Can work through adverse and challenging situations.