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We, EVER GLORY MARITIME COMPANY LTD. have countersigned MOA of our managed vessel named “MINBEI” with GMS on 6 May, 2016 and mutually agreed to deliver the aforementioned vessel to Alang port of Bangladesh on June 2016.

Although scrap price has fallen on June, GMS still strictly fulfilled the MOA. The vessel “MINBEI” has very smooth delivery finally.

Thanks again for your good performance on MOA implementation!

- Ever Glory Maritime Company Ltd.

We, Hyundai Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. would hereby recommend Messrs GMS Inc. or nominees as solid and reliable partners for the recycling of older vessels. Prompt payment, coupled with smooth and timely deliveries whilst providing first class feedback, guidance and top dollar pricing made dealing with GMS a pleasure, and We, Hyundai Merchant Marine Co., Ltd would have no objection in recommending them to others.

- Hyundai Merchant Marine

We have been doing business with Messrs GMS Inc for many years now and have been extremely pleased with their co-operation, performance and fulfillment of MOA’s contractual obligations during the good as well as the bad periods of the recycling market. It goes without saying that we will continue our co-operation in with Messrs GMS Inc in future and recommend them as a reliable cash buyer.

- Goldenport Shipmanagement Ltd.

We have been selling to GMS ships of all sizes and types for nearly two decades now. During this time we saw them performing in almost 500 sales through our intermediary in the most extreme market fluctuations and we were blessed to foresee the transformation of a start up company to WORLD’S LEADER IN SHIP RECYCLING step by step, sale by sale.

The quality, professionalism, hard work 24/7 of the entire multinational GMS team wherever located around the world, and especially the vision, business manners and commitment of Dr. Sharma himself , made a huge difference and upgraded the entire recycling industry.


Looking forward to the next 20 years and the sale of 1000 Vessels between OPTIMA and GMS!!!

- Optima Shipbrokers

BW Gas ASA has sold several vessels to GMS (USA) in the past.

We are very pleased with the performance of GMS, and based on our experience to date, we can recommend them to any others who are considering the sale of their older vessel(s) for recycling without hesitation.

- BW GAS, Norway