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Demystifying Ship Recycling - Issue 11

Ventilation & illumination of hull during recycling at HKC Compliant recycling facilities. 

Ships are equipped with different types of tanks and compartments, which are an integral part of their hulls. These tanks and compartments are constructed of bulkheads and decks. Most of the time, these compartments are enclosed, and they are not continuously ventilated and illuminated. When a vessel is undergoing a recycling process, it does not have its own electric power source. Electric power is provided by the yard to the vessel for forced draft ventilation using portable ventilation blowers and for adequate illumination inside the enclosed spaces as per necessity. 


Ship recycling yards have developed a procedure of cutting the windows on the hull's side shell to provide natural ventilation and natural illumination due to sunlight. Usually, the size of the window is 2 feet by 2 feet. These windows are positioned in such a way on the hull that the compartments are ventilated due to the natural draught of the air. Gujarat Maritime Board does not issue the hot work permit immediately after the delivery of the vessel to the recycling facility. The permission is given only after repeated inspections to ensure hot work can be done safely. As a result, the ventilation windows are cut only after the hot work permit is issued.

In addition to natural ventilation, whenever the man-entry to enclosed spaces is to be made, the atmosphere is checked before the entry to ensure the atmosphere inside the enclosed area is safe for entry. The enclosed spaces are continuously ventilated by blowers during the man-entry, and the atmosphere is checked intermittently.

The standard operating procedures implemented by HKC compliant recycling facilities ensure the recycling is done in a safe and environmentally sound way. 

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