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Job ID:16 | Exp 2 years sailing as Chief Engineer | Any one of our global offices or candidate's home/office

Posted on 02 Jul 2019

Job Description

The candidate will be responsible to work closely with operations department and will be responsible for technical matters related to vessels

Key Responsibilities

This position reports to the Technical/Operations Manager and requires extensive international travel. The candidate will be responsible for pre-purchase inspections, reactivations and repairs (budget, supervision, coordination and execution), vessels takeovers, identifying and sourcing technical supplies, voyage planning and all other necessary tasks. If needed, the candidate must be prepared to sail with the vessel for a single voyage

Skills & Qualifications

Chief Engineer with minimum 2 years of sailing experience on vessels built 2003 or earlier. A 2nd Engineer with at least 5 years of proven experience may be considered. Crude oil tanker experience is preferred