Alang is located on the coast of Bhavnagar district, in the Gulf of Cambay, 56 km (35 Miles) south of Bhavnagar City in the state of Gujarat, India. The Gulf of Cambay is known for its high tidal range, which is around 10 meters. The vast expanse of inter-tidal zone gets exposed during ebb tide, which makes it convenient for ship recycling activities, whereas the high tide makes it possible to accommodate big ships. Alang is the leading ship-recycling yard in the world catering to nearly 90% of India's ship recycling activity. The Ship recycling sector in India directly or indirectly affects more than 300,000 people.


  • Continues to lead the ship recycling industry in both numbers and green capacity
  • Greater focus on green ship recycling. About 70 yards (37%) are fully ISO certified
  • Most ship recycling capacity/yards in the world


  • Market maker/leader
  • Experienced recyclers
  • Top price levels for specialized vessels
  • Premium for bunkers, non-ferrous items, certain machinery items such as main engine, generators, etc.
  • Wide variety of buyers. Buyers range from ULCC buyers to the smallest fishing trawlers. Everything goes!


Specialized High Value Vessels such as:
  • Containers
  • ROROs
  • Reefers
  • Passenger Ships (leading market)
  • Dry Vessels
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