Date Publications Article
2018, Jun 01 Steel360 Reimaging Alang Ship Recycling
2018, May 27 The Maritime Executive Managing HSE at Alang Ship Recycling Yards
2018, May 25 IHS Fairplay Ship demolitions rise as Pakistan returns to the market
2018, May 02 The Maritime Executive Training in Alang's Ship Recycling Industry
2018, Apr 16 Marasi News 5 Facts About Sustainable Ship Recycling
2018, Mar 26 GMS Dr Anil Sharma, GMS featured among Tanker Shipping & Trade's Most Influential People in Tanker Shipping and Trade today
2018, Feb 15 GMS GMS Condemns False and Misleading Allegations by the NGO Shipbreaking Platform
2018, Feb 15 Steel360 Indian Ship Recycling Industry on Cusp of Transformation
2018, Jan 07 The Maritime Executive What Will 2018 Bring to the Ship Recycling Industry?
2018, Jan 01 Steel360 Tides begin to turn in ship recycling industry in Alang, India
2017, Dec 01 Steel360 Why South Asian nations offer more for end-of-life tonnage
2017, Nov 01 Steel360 The Implications of Lobbying in the EU against the ship recycling industry in South Asia
2017, Nov 01 Marasi News GMS redefines the significance of Ship Recycling Globally
2017, Oct 20 GMS Highlighting a Great Achievement: PHP Family Yard Receives a SOC with HKC from RINA
2017, Sep 20 Steel360 The Significance of the "Gas Free for Hot Works" Clearance Certificate for Tankers Bound for Recycling
2017, Aug 16 Tanker Shipping & Trade Tanker Owners Cannot Recycle old Approaches
2017, Aug 11 GMS GMS develops Hot Works guidelines for tankers bound for recycling
2017, Aug 01 Steel360 Ship Recycling Industry Bounces Back After Lull
2017, Aug 01 Steel360 The Unicorn in Ship Recycling
2017, Jul 13 Lloyd's List Cosco-OOIL marriage creates hard-to-beat competitor, says Maersk China chief
2017, Jun 02 TradeWinds GMS takes novel approach to offshore scrapping
2017, Jun 01 Elnavi GMS Endorses Responsible Ship Recycling Activities at Green Yards
2017, May 31 The Maritime Executive Banks Join Ship Recycling Debate
2017, May 15 Steel360 The Evolving face of Alang
2017, Mar 10 TradeWinds Shiprecycling Experts
2017, Mar 03 TradeWinds GMS dishes out gongs at early retreat in India
2017, Mar 02 TradeWinds Can the Indian success story be replicated in Bangladesh?
2017, Feb 28 TradeWinds Green recycling sees little uptake
2017, Feb 08 Lloyd's List Government ban stifles Pakistan's recycling market
2017, Jan 19 The European 2016: "A year of progress and promise" for ship recycling says GMS
2017, Jan 18 The European Dr Anil Sharma, GMS among Lloyd's List's Top 100 most influential people in shipping
2017, Jan 06 Lloyd's List Indian shipyards able to adopt responsible recycling methods, says GMS chief
2016, Dec 15 GMS 2016: "A year of Progress and Promise" for Ship Recycling Says GMS
2016, Dec 08 GMS GMS Dubai Finalist at the Lloyd's List Middle East & Indian Subcontinent Awards 2016
2016, Nov 14 GMS GMS Maintains BVQI ISO 9001:2008 Certificate for Eleventh Consecutive Year
2016, Nov 01 Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide GMS Dubai Shortlisted as Finalist for the "Shipping Company of the Year" Award
2016, Oct 20 TradeWinds GMS VLCC first to be scrapped in two years
2016, Sep 22 Green4Sea The Best Practices in Ship Recycling
2016, Sep 20 Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide GMS: One Step Closer to Ratification of the Hong Kong Convention
2016, Aug 29 World Maritime News Interview: More Boxships Set to Join Scrap Markets in 4Q
2016, Aug 22 Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide EU-Led Ship Recycling Regulation could Reverse Positive Effect of Hong Kong Convention on South East Asia Scrapyards says GMS
2016, Aug 15 TradeWinds Panamax Boxships for Demolition Pile Up
2016, Aug 14 The Wall Street Journal Economic Slump Sends Big Ships to Scrap Heap
2016, Jul 28 Lloyd's List Indian Subcontinent buyers boost shipbreaking prices
2016, Jul 25 TradeWinds Demolition Revives with Firming Prices
2016, Jul 22 Dry Cargo International Importance of Sustainable Ship Recycling in a Volatile Industry
2016, Jul 22 TheLoadStar Shipowners have the power to revolutionize ship recycling by going green
2016, Jul 21 The Maritime Executive Who Needs the Hong Kong Convention?
2016, Jun 28 Hong Kong Shipowners Association Yearbook The Responsible Recycling of Ships
2016, Jun 17 TradeWinds Anil Sharma, the most popular man at Posidonia?
2016, Jun 15 Tanker Shipping & Trade The Recycling Business is Mainstream Business
2016, Jun 13 Fathom Maritime Intelligence The Changing Face of Ship Recycling
2016, May 17 GazetteLive In Pictures: how to move a 52,434-tonne ship along the River Tees
2016, May 08 The Maritime Executive A Closer Look at the European Owners' Visit to Alang
2016, May 01 SOS Magazine Decommissioning your Rig: Economic and Environmental Best Practices
2016, Apr 29 TradeWinds Visit by EU provides hope for Indian recycling yards
2016, Mar 18 TradeWinds Demolition Players flock to Dubai for Tradewinds' Ship Recycling Forum
2016, Mar 15 Splash 24/7 Why owners must embrace sustainable ship recycling
2016, Feb 24 TradeWinds GMS's Sharma defends beaching in India
2016, Feb 24 Sagar Sandesh GMS calls on industry to support not lambast recycling businesses striving to improve in developing regions
2016, Feb 23 gCaptain 'Naming and Shaping' Undermines Progress Made on Ship Beaching, Largest Cash Buyer Says
2016, Feb 11 Lloyd's List Scrap Rates Continue To Fall Amid Increased Demolition Sales
2016, Jan 29 TradeWinds Ship Recycling Forum Tackles Market Turbulence
2016, Jan 08 The Maritime Executive The Fourth Pillar of Shipping
2015, Dec 23 The Maritime Executive Ship Recycling List Open, but Beaching Still in Doubt
2015, Dec 11 Lloyd's List Lloyd's List Awards 2015
2015, Dec 04 Seatrade Magazine Recycling Analysis: Breaking up is hard to do
2015, Oct 01 Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide GMS Welcomes Gujarat Ship Recyclers Compliance
2015, Oct 01 gCaptain Alang Ship Recyclers' Compliance Shows Not All Breakers Are Bad, Says Largest Cash Buyer
2015, Aug 26 Maritime CEO Scrap Merchant
2015, Aug 04 Ship Management International How I work - Dr. Anil Sharma
2015, Jun 29 Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide GMS Says 2015 Will Be Record Year For Ship Breaking
2015, Jun 26 Splash 24/7 GMS: More than 100 capes could be torched this year
2015, Jun 15 Marine Link Beaching Ban Bad for Ship Recycling Industry
2015, Jun 15 Marine Money Offshore Recycling Rigs And The Challenge Of Putting A Price On Haley's Comet
2015, Jun 09 GMS Japan Puts its Support Behind Beaching Yards In India
2015, May 22 The Maritime Executive GMS Warns E.U. on Beaching Ban
2015, May 18 Dubai Maritime City Authority DMCA Announces formation of Maritime Advisory Council
2015, Apr 30 The Link Ship recycling market is facing a tough year but stakeholders see some positives
2015, Apr 26 Times of Malta Ship Recycling is ‘Most Misunderstood’ Industry
2015, Apr 15 Lloyd's List Breakers Stock Up Ahead Of Monsoon
2015, Apr 08 Lloyd's List Improving Rates Spur Flurry Of Demolition Deals
2015, Mar 31 Seatrade Magazine GMS Ad in Seatrade
2015, Mar 25 CMA Sponsored Events
2015, Mar 23 Capital Link Sponsored Events
2015, Mar 18 Lloyd's List Fall in rates fails to cut short a string of demolition sales
2015, Mar 10 Lloyd's List Rates Stable, But A Quiet Week In Scrapping
2015, Mar 06 TradeWinds Shipbreaking Feels The Heat
2015, Mar 04 Lloyd's List Caution The Watchword As Demolition Rates Edge Back To $400/LT
2015, Feb 23 Lloyd's List Lunar New Year Offers Demolition Cheer As Rates Find A Footing
2015, Feb 18 Lloyd's List Demolition Rates Head South
2015, Feb 10 Lloyd's List Indian Demolition Rates Slide $50/LDT
2015, Feb 09 TradeWinds Capesize Scrapping Surges
2015, Feb 03 Lloyd's List Capesize demolition frenzy gives way to fresh caution
2015, Jan 28 Lloyd's List More capesizes sent for scrap
2015, Jan 21 Lloyd's List Big bulkers threaten to weigh down scrap prices
2015, Jan 19 TradeWinds Owners in Capesize Scrap Spree
2015, Jan 14 Lloyd's List Prospect of Pakistan tax on steel imports lifts demolition sector
2014, Dec 23 Lloyd's List Demolition Market Deprived Of Any Festive Cheer
2014, Dec 12 Lloyd's List 2014 - Lloyd's List 100 most influential people in shipping
2014, Dec 09 Lloyd's List Shipbreakers Face A Gloomy Christmas
2014, Dec 05 TradeWinds GMS Touts VLCC For Trading As Scrap Stutters
2014, Dec 03 Lloyd's List Demolition Prices Signal Market Confusion
2014, Nov 25 Lloyd's List Can Costa Concordia Be A Flagship For European Ship Demolition?
2014, Nov 19 Lloyd's List Cheap Chinese Billets Continue To Drive Down Demolition Prices
2014, Nov 15 Lloyd's List Handful Of Sales Offer Some Light In The Demolition Gloom
2014, Nov 05 TradeWinds GMS Blasts EU Plans
2014, Nov 04 Lloyd's List Gloom Continues To Dog Demolition Sector
2014, Oct 29 Lloyd's List Owners Hold Back On Demolition sales
2014, Oct 22 Lloyd's List Strong Rates Secured In Pakistan VLCC Sale
2014, Oct 14 Lloyd's List Sales Dry Up As Demolition Market Feels The Pressure
2014, Oct 08 Lloyd's List Brokers Report A Flurry Of Demolition Sales Before The Holidays
2014, Sep 26 TradeWinds Scrapping Players Target Older Vessels For Leasing Ventures
2014, Aug 29 TradeWinds Will Green Recycling Change The Demolition Landscape
2014, Jun 02 Lloyd's List 2014 - GMS Posidonia Party
2013, Dec 15 Lloyd's List Sharma Builds on Ship Recycling Success
2013, Oct 11 TradeWinds Analysis Of European Ship-recycling Stance Is ‘Misleading’
2013, Aug 16 TradeWinds Scrapping has enjoyed counter-cyclical boom
2013, Jun 13 Lloyd's List Bangladesh Import Tax Rise To Stifle Scrap Rates
2013, Jun 13 TradeWinds GMS Tied To KG Raid
2013, May 10 TradeWinds GMS Heads For Singapore With New Digs
2013, Mar 28 Capital Link Capital Link's 7th Shipping Forum
2013, Mar 15 TradeWinds GMS Turns On Cocktails At Dubai's Burj Khalifa
2013, Mar 08 TradeWinds Former IMO Man Mikelis joins GMS in advisory role
2013, Feb 28 Lloyd's List Cash Buyer GMS Plugs Finance Gap
2013, Feb 02 Green Shipping International GMS Creating a Green Path
2011, Oct 10 Lloyd's List Bangladesh Sets Up Scrap Monitoring Team
2011, Sep 26 Lloyd's List Bangladesh Takes Large Vessels Despite Overall Subdued Scrap Market
2011, Sep 12 Lloyd's List Cash Buyers Bank on pick up in Bangladesh Shipbreaking activity
2011, Sep 05 Lloyd's List Bulkers Sold For Scrap In India Maintain High Price Levels
2011, Aug 22 Lloyd's List Further Scrap Rate Falls Anticipated As Market Hesitates
2011, Aug 15 Lloyd's List Bangladesh Breakers' Buying Spree Fails To Materialize
2011, Aug 08 Lloyd's List Chittagong Breakers Can Import Scrap Ships Until October
2011, Jul 25 Lloyd's List Activity picks up after Bangladesh extension granted.
2011, Jul 11 Lloyd's List Bangladesh Court Delay Subdues Demolition Market
2011, Jun 27 Lloyd's List Chinese Scrap Rates Move Closer To Falling Indian Sub-continent Levels
2011, Jun 20 Lloyd's List FIghting The Recyclers' Corner
2011, May 31 Lloyd's List Bulk Carrier Demolition Prices Set To Drop Below $500/LDT
2011, May 30 Lloyd's List Fate of Toxic Waste Controversy Vessel Under Dispute
2011, May 09 Lloyd's List Bangladesh Breakers Gain Two-month Extension
2011, Apr 26 Lloyd's List Chittagong Yards Facing Further Legal Challenge
2011, Apr 04 Lloyd's List Bangladesh Breakers Still in Limbo
2011, Feb 15 Lloyd's List GMS Forecasts ‘Repercussions’ As Glut Of Scrap Ronnage Waits
2011, Feb 08 Lloyd's List Chinese Breakers Step Up Competition For Scrap Tonnage
2011, Jan 24 Lloyd's List Aggressive tactics pay off for Indian yards as deals break $500Ton
2011, Jan 19 Marine Money Offshore End of Life
2010, Jun 24 Lloyd's List Demand For Green Recycling Yards Estimated At 10%
2010, Jun 23 IHS Fairplay China Scrapping Potential
2009, Oct 30 IHS Fairplay Scrapping Boom Slashes Prices
2009, Jul 16 IHS Fairplay Scrap-Happy Brokers
2009, Jun 18 IHS Fairplay Recycling Initiative Rubbished
2009, Mar 26 IHS Fairplay Bangladesh Recycling on Notice
2009, Feb 18 IHS Fairplay Scrappers Busier Than Ever