1. Established in 1992, GMS is the world's largest buyer of Ships and Offshore assets for recycling.

    2. GMS is the world's FIRST ISO 9001 Certified (IACS Class) cash buyer of vessels for recycling.

    3. GMS has negotiated (about):

    • 3,100 commercial vessels, offshore units (e.g. rigs, FPSOs and pipe layers).
    • Average 160 vessels a year for the last 17 years.
    • 31% of the total LDT recycled in the Indian sub-continent during 2016.
    • The largest number of rigs for recycling.
    • One of the largest deals in history of recycling.
    • 50 vessels for Green Recycling in India in compliance with the Hong Kong Convention guidelines.
    • 65% of the vessels which were offered for responsible ship recycling in India.

    4. GMS is the only cash buyer in the world that has developed a core team of some of the leading experts in the world to assist owners with the requirements of the Hong Kong Convention for safe and responsible recycling of ships. This comprehensive expertise includes:

    • Regulatory requirements
    • Vetting of yards
    • IHMs, SRPs, FMPS
    • Auditing
    • Certificates of compliance
    • Advisory services
    • Mitigation of legal and headline risks
    • With multiple offices across the world including U.S.A,Germany, U.A.E, Singapore, China, Japan, Greece, and South Korea and exclusive representative offices in India,Bangladesh, Pakistan and Turkey.
    • To have developed a Green Ship Recycling Program together with an IACS Classification Society.
    • To participate in the deliberations leading up to IMO’s Hong Kong International Convention  for the Safe & Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships (HKC).

    5. GMS has recycled more vessels on an “AS IS WHERE IS” basis than any other Cash Buyer in the world.

    • Unmatched towage experience with more than 500 Trans-Atlantic, Trans-Pacific, and Far East tows.
    • One of the longest tows in recycling history of the rig P24 from Brazil to Singapore.
    • Maintain strong relationships with major Shipyards, Tug Owners, and Rig Movers in key offshore locations.
    • Record 25 vessels towed in a year to their recycling facility.

    6. GMS has experience in recycling all types of offshore vessels including but not limited to Floatels, Semisubmersible Drilling Rigs, Derrick Barges, Pipe Layers, and AHTS/PSV vessels.

    7. GMS WEEKLY (newsletter) is the most quoted report in the ship recycling industry having beem in circulation for almost 15 years with nearly 800 issues.

    8. GMS has strong relationships with a list of qualified recycling facilities in India, China, and Turkey, where responsible ship recycling practices are implemented. 

    9. For the last seven years in a row (2010 - 2017) Dr Anil Sharma, Founder and CEO of GMS, has being recognized in the “Lloyd’s List of 100 Most Influential People in Shipping.”

    10. Key GMS offices (USA, Greece, Dubai and Singapore) are dedicated to the recycling of Offshore units and excel at providing maximum value for owners in this unique sector.