Principals of GMS have used their nearly 25 years of cash buying and shipping industry experience, to expand into areas outside of their core ship recycling competencies. In order to help manage and invest the firm's in-house equity, the group has created a division that specializes in equity based shipping transactions. The Capital Group's primary objective is to identify gaps in the market in which financial needs are not being addressed by banks or traditional PE (Private Equity) firms, and where its principals' specialized knowledge and experience can be combined with the opportunity at hand to operate a specific asset, restructure and rebuild a particular company, or offer personalized financing solutions to cater to a particular ship owner's needs.


At the moment, the group’s investments consist of equity positions and ownership in vessels built during the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000's. In addition to hard assets and various shipping related joint ventures, the company has also taken an equity position in a fully integrated German shipping company. This strategic investment has allowed our principals deep insight into the German market and also provides a partially owned solution to third party ship management needs.