The ship recycling yards near the port of Chittagong, Bangladesh's second-largest city, are the nation's main source of steel, employing more than 100,000 people. There are approximately 350 re-rolling mills located in greater Chittagong and Dhaka districts, which annually produces around 1.3 million tons of finished rods for the construction industry. This industry completely depends on the ship-recycling yards for raw materials. About 100,000 workers are involved in the ship recycling industry directly and indirectly. Currently, these activities are conducted by about 45 yards in an area of approximately eight square kilometers in Chittagong.


  • (Was) Leading recycler of tankers
  • Beginning to focus on green ship recycling issues
  • Several yards now ISO certified
  • Norwegian grant and IMO pushing for training and improvements
  • Increasing number of regulations
  • On and off market
  • Financial (USD) crisis
    • Loans to recyclers
    • International credits
  • Difficult market to deliver ships promptly
  • Steel from ships critical for domestic growth and consumption


  • Large LDT tonnage
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